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Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid Leasing vs Financing Elk Grove Kia near Roseville 95661

One of the hardest questions to answer when looking to upgrade your vehicle is whether to finance or lease. Both have their benefits, but both have their restrictions, too. Not to fret, though! Elk Grove Kia is here to shed some light with our comparison on leasing vs financing a Elk Grove Kia, Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid near Roseville 95661. Our knowledgeable salespeople and Business Managers are also well-equipped to answer any questions, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or visit our showroom!

Sometimes deciding between the two methods of car buying can be simple. Ask yourself two questions. The first is how often are you interested in upgrading? Leases tend to last between two to four years, which can be great if you like always having the latest and greatest tech and are a pro at keeping your car in good condition. While upgrading relatively frequently is possible while taking the finance route, it can be more tedious due to depreciation and reselling your current vehicle. If you’re the kind of person who comes to loves your ride and keeps it for longer than four years, stick to financing. You’ll get more bang for your buck. If you come to love your lease, though, you can continue to pay it off and keep your vehicle as long as you want!

What’s the second question you should ask yourself in this decision between leasing vs financing your Elk Grove Kia, Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid near Roseville 95661? It’s a question that might require a calculator! How many miles do you drive per year? This will heavily affect your decision. If you commute a fair distance to work every day, exceeding 15,000 miles or more, leasing a vehicle will come with a heftier total cost. Financing allows you to drive as many miles as you want, whereas leases come with a set amount and every additional mile will cost extra money out of your wallet. If you take the train every day and use your vehicle primarily just for running errands, leasing is ideal. You only pay for depreciation while you use it, so the fewer miles your wheels roll, the less you have to pay. Dealers get the vehicle back and are usually able to certify these low mileage vehicles and re-sell them. It’s a win-win situation!

Weighing the pros and cons in the debate between leasing vs financing near Roseville, can be frustrating. Come on down to Elk Grove Kia near Roseville 95661 and our staff is more than happy to talk it all out with you. We can even run some numbers and see which system will work best for you and your lifestyle! We hope to see you soon!

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Internet Sales & Leasing Walter Isenberg
Walter Isenberg
Internet Sales & Leasing
I started in the automotive industry in 1992 and have a passion for helping people. I gain a feeling of great accomplishment when I can be part of making someone’s dream come true with a new vehicle purchase. Come and see me and you'll see, I work in the internet department making the sales process a lot easier for you, give me a call at 916-753-1000 Ask for Walt thank you!!!
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Lyndon Smith
Internet Sales & Leasing
Outgoing and enthusiastic individual working with all different types of income to find prospective clients transportation in a respectful and honest manner. With the vehicle being the second largest investment most Americans make, I strive to provide excellent product knowledge and customer service to anyone that walks into the dealership doors. Phone: 916-753-1000
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Sam Rad
Sales & Leasing Consultant
I have been been selling cars for over 16 years. I truly like the people that I come in to contact with on a daily basis. Customer satisfaction is my number one goal . Along the way I have helped thousands of people reach their automotive needs and I look forward to helping you meet yours as well. See you on our showroom floor. Wanna See Ya In a Elk Grove Kia Phone: 916-753-1000
Sales & Leasing Consultant Oliver McKay
Oliver McKay
Sales & Leasing Consultant
My name is Oliver McKay Jr. I have been in the car business for more than 10 years, at Elk Grove Kia for the past two years. I love working here the staff is amazing and the way we treat customers is truly exceptional. I like working with all types of individuals and am truly happy when we can put them in a vehicle they can believe in and truly want to own. brings great joy to me when my customers are excited and happy about there new purchase and I happy to serve.
Sales & Leasing Consultant Michael Rose
Michael Rose
Sales & Leasing Consultant
Client Care Coordinator Liz Tapscott
Liz Tapscott
Client Care Coordinator
Hi my name is Liz. As a Client Care Coordinator here at Elk Grove Kia I have over 2 years’ experience in the automotive field. I have been dedicated to providing customers with the best customer service experience as well as helping them on the hunt for their new vehicle. I am certified in phlebotomy and in my spare time I love to go fishing in different areas as well as finding new hiking trails to explore.