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  • Kevin Corbet
    Parts and Service Manager
    Kevin Corbet

    Hello, I am the Parts and Service Manager for Elk Grove Kia. I have been with the company since 1979.

    I have 34 years' experience with Toyota and I am excited to be with KIA now.          

    I'm proud to work with one of the best teams in the business.

    I enjoy classic cars and a variety of outdoor activities with my family.

    Excellent customer service is very important to me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about  your KIA.

  • Louie Gonzales
    Parts Technician
    Louie Gonzales

    My name is Louie Gonzales assistant parts manager for Elk Grove Kia. For the last six years. I have over 15 years in the automotive business. I am a Kia Master Elite Certified Parts Specialist and cay from experience that Kia is a very dependable car. I own 2005 Kia spectra. So if you have any questions I would be glade to assist you.

  • Anthoney
    Parts Technician

    Hi my name is Anthony Santos. I am a Kia elite certified parts specialist here at Elk Grove Kia. I have been with the company now for 10 months. Prior to this I worked for Nissan and Mazda dealer. I had been working in the automotive field for 6 years now. I have learned that you can never know everything about a brand. You learn new things every day. I enjoy coming to work each day and being part of the elk grove Kia family. I hope that you will become part of that family someday too.